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15 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Israel | Cultural Attractions in Israel

Israel, The meeting place of cultures, religions, empires and cultures since beginning.Advanced country with rich history. This article will explain tourist attraction cities in Israel which you may not know. Discover 15 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Israel and make your plan for visit to beloved country.


Population: 100,000

Area: 52 km²

A beautiful view of honey-coloured stone, Jaffa City is a relaxed little harbour town with a prominent past as a vital port. Jaffa City is home to an excellent flea market and a heaven for café-hopping and lazy afternoon sightseeing.

Jaffa, Israel
Jaffa, Israel

Places to Visit in Jaffa

  • The Ancient Jaffa Port
  • A Large Flea Market
  • An Artists Quarter
  • Fine Restaurants
  • A Mixed Population of Arabs and Jews
  • Great views of Tel Aviv


Population: 83,600

Area: 26 km²

Herzliya was named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. City is located in the central coast of Israel. It is home to ambassadors, foreign diplomats, company headquarters and businessmen. Herzliya Beach is located in the upscale neighbourhood just north of Tel Aviv.

Herzliya, Israel
Herzliya, Israel

Places to Visit in Herzliya

  • Herzliya Marina
  • Apollonia National Park
  • Acadia Beach
  • Herzliya Park
  • Shivat Hakohavim Mall
  • Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Arena Mall
  • Sidna Ali Mosque
  • Van Gogh

Tel Aviv – Yafo

Population: 432,892

Area: 52 km²

Tel Aviv is situated in the Mediterranean and has long, wide, clean and beautiful beach. Beach has restroom and outdoor shower facilities at most locations. You can rent a lounge chair at some locations. Vendors often walk the beaches selling ice cream and drinks, and restaurants and cafes line the sand. Best way to enjoy here is to sit on the beach during sunset time and watching the surfers as the sun goes down.

Tel-Aviv is home to an internationally acclaimed collection of International Style houses. So called White City is actually part of Tel Aviv’s central Lev Ha’ir district.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel

Places to Visit in Tel Aviv – Yafo

  • Tayelet
  • Old Tel Aviv Port Area
  • Jaffa Old City
  • Palmach Museum
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Neve Tzedek
  • Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel)
  • Rothschild Boulevard
  • Sarona Market


Population: 45,588

Area: 84.79 km²

Eilat is only Red Sea resort in Israel. It’s situated in between Jordan and Egypt. Red Sea diving is biggest tourist attraction here. The south part of town has fantastic underwater world of Coral Beach Reserve. While north part of the town has naturally sculpted world of Timna Park with strangely shaped rocks and incredible landscapes.

Eilat, Israel
Eilat, Israel

Places to Visit in in Eilat

  • Timna Park
  • Isrotel Theatre
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Underwater Observatory Marine Park
  • Musical Fountain
  • Red Canyon
  • Coral Beach Nature Reserve
  • Mosh Beach
  • Ice Mall
  • Princess Beach


Population: 165,787

Area: 19.2 km²

Holon city is named after a Hebrew word, Holon, which means sand. It is Israel’s one of the largest industrial zones after Haifa. City has recovered drastically after 2001 terrorist attack and has got beautiful attractions for tourist.

Holon, Israel
Holon, Israel

Places to Visit in Holon

  • Yamit Water Park
  • Ariel Sharon Park
  • Design Museum Holon
  • Gordon Beach
  • Peres Park
  • Hai Kef
  • Dialogue In The Dark
  • Egged Bus Museum
  • Israeli Children’s Museum
  • Japanese Garden
  • Puppet Museum

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Let’s explore remains of 15 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Israel.


Population: 801,000

Area: 125.1 km²

Known as “the Holy City” (in Arabic, al-Quds) of major religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem is one of the Israel’s oldest cities. Jerusalem City is situated on the top of Judean Mountains. City is home to many historic sites preserved by locals and hence it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem Wailing Wall

The oldest part of the city was settled in the 4th millennium BCE. In 1538, walls were built around Jerusalem under Suleiman the Magnificent. Todays those walls are traditionally divided into four different quarters namely Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim and all has a unique characters worth experiencing. Modern Jerusalem has grown far beyond the Old City’s boundaries.

Places to Visit in Jerusalem

  • Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
  • Western Wall
  • Garden of Gethsemane
  • Monte das Oliveiras
  • Église du Saint-Sépulcre
  • Old City of Jerusalem
  • The Western Wall Tunnels
  • Monte das Oliveiras
  • Mahane Yehuda Market
  • Biblical Zoo
  • Israel Museum
  • The Garden Tomb


Population: 267,300

Area: 63.67 km²

Modern city Haifa (חֵיפָה) is the third largest city of Israel. There are many cultural centres, beautiful gardens, gorgeous museums to visit in the City. The Cave of Elijah is one the interesting place to visit as it has historical and religious importance.
Part of UNESCO World Heritage, The Hanging Gardens are treat to watch. Bahai Garden known for its immaculately manicured and perfectly gorgeous view is sure stop for tourist. Haifa has Israel’s only subway: a single line with 6 stops.

Haifa, Israel
Haifa, Israel

Places to Visit in Haifa

  • Dado Beach
  • The Baha’i Gardens
  • Carmel National Park
  • Louis Promenade
  • Hanging Bridge at Nesher Park
  • Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum
  • The German Colony
  • Stella Maris Lighthouse and Carmelite Monastery
  • Yefe Nof Street

Safed (Tzefat)

Population: 27,816

Area: 29.2 km²

Located at an elevation of 900 metres, Safed is the highest city in the Galilee and in Israel. Safed has been identified with Sepph, a protected town in the Upper Galilee mentioned in the writings of the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus. Safed/Tzefat city is situated in the Northern District of Israel. Safed witnesses warm summers and cold, often snowy, winters due to high elevation.

Safed, Israel
Safed, Israel

Places to Visit in Safed / Tzefat

  • Abuhav Synagogue
  • Bat Ya’ar Ranch
  • The Tzfat Kabbalah Experience
  • The Ashkenazi HaAri Synagogue
  • Yosef Caro Synagogue
  • The Abouhav Winery
  • The Sephardic Synagogue of the Ari
  • Olive Tree Fine Art Gallery
  • Soul and Art Fine Art Gallery


Population: 45,603

Area: 13.53 km²

The historic coastal city of Acre has been recognised with UNESCO World Heritage status for its atmospheric charms. Acre City known for medieval Baha’i Gardens, Ottoman-era walls, Crusader buildings and a tangle of ancient streets with bags of personality. It is rarely attracted tourist site compared to other cities offers great restaurants and world class hotel experience. A classic Arabic market is must visit place.

Acre, Israel
Acre, Israel

Places to Visit in Acre

  • Ahmed Al-Jazzar Mosque
  • Citadel
  • Crusader City
  • Khan al-Umdan
  • Lohamei HaGetaot
  • Fortifications
  • St. John’s Church
  • Akko Harbour
  • Hammam al-Pasha Museum
  • Old Town Souk
  • Bahje Baha’i Centre


Population: 224,656

Area: 47.24 km²

Home to the largest Moroccan Jewish community, Ashdod is Israel’s sixth largest city. Ashdod is located in the Southern District of the country and is largest seaport for imported goods in Israel. City is a popular destination for cruise ships from lines like Silversea, Celebrity, Azamara and Oceania. The Ashdod Cruise Terminal is the gateway for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land.

Ashdod, Israel
Ashdod, Israel

Places to Visit in Ashdod

  • The Eye of the Sun
  • Big Fashion Mall Ashdod
  • Givat Yonah
  • Gil Beach
  • Magen David Synagogue
  • Big Fashion Mall Ashdod
  • Metzuda Beach
  • The Corinne Mamane Museum of Philistine Culture
  • Ashdod Museum of Art – Monart Centre
  • Etgarim Lakhish Park

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Let’s explore remains of 15 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Israel.

Beer Sheva / Beer Sheba

Population: 186,600

Area: 117.5 km²

Beer Sheva or Be’er Sheva is the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel. It is often known as the “Capital of the Negev“. Tel Beer Sheva, an archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient town believed to have been the Biblical Beersheba, lies a few kilometres east of the modern city. The site was probably chosen due to the abundance of water, as evidenced by the numerous wells in the area. According to the Bible, the wells were dug by Abraham and Isaac when they arrived there.

Beersheva, Israel
Beersheva, Israel

Places to Visit in Beer Sheva

  • The Old Turkish Town
  • Israel Air Force Museum
  • The Bedouin Market
  • Tel Beer Sheba
  • B7 Art Experience
  • Old Mosque
  • Negev Desert


Population: 171,676

Area: 28.5 km²

Netanya which means “The God’s Gift” is less crowded city with beautiful beach spanning from the north to south. The city offers war memorials, chic galleries, and worthy museums. The seaside town of Netanya attracts tourists in with its beautiful sand beaches and lively atmosphere.

Netanya, Israel
Netanya, Israel

Places to Visit in Netanya

  • Victory Monument
  • Alexander Stream Hof Bet Yanai National Park
  • Planetanya Netanya Israel
  • Ir Yamim Mall
  • Splinter
  • Netanya Museum
  • Antique & Collectors Weekly Market
  • Shefayim Water Park
  • Sironit Beach
  • Inter Active Atzmaut Square


Population: 132,671

Area: 22 km²

Rehovot is a small city in central Israel and home to many industrial plants. Among them are the Tnuva dairy plant, the Yafora-Tavori beverage factory, and the Feldman ice cream factory. Few major attractions of the city are Ayalon Institute, Palmachim Beach and the Bravdo Winery. You can explore the streets and markets of the city and get the taste of some mouthwatering street food of Israel and learn more about the local cultures and traditions.

Rehovot, Israel
Rehovot, Israel

Places to Visit in Rehovot

  • Ayalon Institute Museum
  • Palmachim Beach And National Park
  • Clore Garden of Science
  • The Levinson Visitors Center
  • Nevo
  • Rehovot Winter Puddle
  • Bravdo Winery
  • Weizmann House


Population: 5,343

Area: 35 km²

The Caesarea City (Hail Caesar) was dedicated by Herod the Great to Caesar Augustus more than 2,000 years ago. An incredible ancient city Caesarea is rightly seen as one of the very best tourist attractions of Israel. With its pastiche of Roman, Byzantine and Crusader architecture and its prime position on the coast between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea is simply stunning. Antiquities park is what tourist find attractive from Herod’s extensive building campaign.

Caesarea, Israel
Caesarea, Israel

Places to Visit in Caesarea

  • Theatre at Caesarea National Park
  • Caesarea National Park
  • Aqueduct of Caesarea (Mei Kedem)
  • Speculo
  • Segs Segway Tours
  • Old City Gallery – Caesarea
  • Caesarea Maritima Museum
  • Caesarea Harbor National Park


Population: 64,800

Area: 14.12 km²

The largest city in Galilee is known as the Arab capital of the country due to predominantly Arab citizens. Since the Bible says Nazareth was the home of Joseph and Mary, City has religious identity for Christians. This ancient city is where the angel Gabriel appeared to tell Mary she would give birth to Jesus. Since then, Nazareth is called the cradle of Christianity. Beautiful streets and breathtaking local market views are main attractions of tourist.

Nazareth is rich in archeological, historical, cultural and spiritual sites. Irrespective of your faith in religion, you will surely praise the picturesque beauty and history of the sights, the architecture, and the unique atmosphere of the city.

Nazareth, Israel
Nazareth, Israel

Places to Visit in Nazareth

  • St. Joseph’s Church
  • Nazareth Village
  • Mary’s Well
  • Mount Precipice Lookout Point
  • Holy Caves of Nazareth
  • The Ancient Bath House
  • Old Market
  • Christmas Market

That’s end of 15 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Israel. If you’ve missed any city, click on the link below to navigate again.

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Have you ever been to any cities of Israel? What’s your views on list of 15 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Israel? Please tell us in the comments below.

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